Retrax Tonneau Covers

Retrax Tonneau Covers

The sturdy, stylish way to keep your gear secure and dry. At Retrax, their mission is to design, develop, and manufacture America’s #1 retractable truck bed cover. They do this by providing the most innovative, highest quality products – all backed by superior customer service and prompt product availability. Their covers are built to last, delivered on time and are ruggedly stylish.

Retrax One / Pro – Glossy Finish

Retrax ONE is Polycarbonate Series
Retrax Pro is Premium Aluminium Series

Retrax OneMX / ProMX – Matte Finish

Retrax OneMX is Polycarbonate Series
Retrax ProMX is Premium Aluminium Series

Retrax OneXR / ProXR – Matte Finish

Retrax OneXR is Polycarbonate Series
Retrax ProXR is Premium Aluminium Series

Retrax POWER Series

Retrax POWER Series is available in
all of the above models