Box Liners / Bed Mats

Box Liners / Bed Mats


Put a layer of protection between what your hauling and your truck’s surface with the added protection of Spray On Liners or Bed Mats and prevent scraping and deep gouges in your truck bed. We carry a full range of Box liners and bed mats to suit your needs. Heavy duty bed mats, Armaguard Liners, removable Bed Tread or Bed Rugs, commercial grade checker plate or wood box liners. Many options to choose from with quality brands and competitive pricing. Truck liners do more than just protect your bed, as it also adds an aesthetic appeal.  If you want your truck to get noticed, having an attractive bed liner is just one way of doing so. Give us a call 604-533-3733 or fill out our contact page and one of our trained staff can answer all your questions.

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